Housewarming Letter Art Gifts

Thank you for visiting our Housewarming Letter Art Gifts page! The great thing about The Found Alphabet website is that you create your own keepsake by choosing your photo letter art, mat, and frame! Below are samples to give you ideas. To get started on your own creation start typing below:

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Forget the potted plant and bottle of wine, give a unique piece of art for a housewarming to permanently brighten up any space. Home is where the heart is, so help your friend, family member or new neighbor add some love and character to their new place!

SMITH — The distinctive architectural elements of this letter art gift really suit the Smith's. The archways, skyscraper and bridge all bring to mind their various landmark sight-seeing trips around the country. 

HOME — There is nothing quite like the cozy feeling of coming home after a long day of work, taking off your shoes and settling into your favorite spot. The rustic details in this frame are reminiscent of simpler times and we all need a reminder sometimes to slow down and enjoy the little pleasures in life.

WELCOME — This welcome sign would go perfectly in your foyer or on the wall right when you invite people into your home. 

JONES — Welcome the Jones family into their new home. This frame features curly letters J, E and S, a white, vintage lace parasol for the O and an archway full of character for the N. 

SMITH in letter art photos
HOME in letter art photos
WELCOME in letter art photos
JONES in letter art photos